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    If you’re looking for a functional, affordable and simple to use live chat software then Zendesk (formerly known as Zopim) might be ticking all of your boxes. It’s feature rich, clean and simple, affordable and dynamic.

    But if you’re looking for an effective live chat solution which will boost your online sales revenue and move your customers through your content faster, you need more than Zendesk.

    A team of dedicated agents reporting to and monitored by a management layer to ensure quality assurance and to optimise every day will turn your live chat software option into an effective tool to drive sales, improve customer service and boost your sales leads.

    Zendesk works well for online sales enquiries with a fast translator to ensure your customers can send and receive queries in their own language. This sounds great but do you have the resourcing to handle traffic spikes? Can you ensure that there are a team of individuals ready and waiting to proactively welcome your website customers and justify the drain on payroll during slow periods?

    A complete solution which ensures a return on your investment

    Live chat software can ensure your customers are answered in real-time but it can’t guarantee the quality of those answers. Our solution assigns at least 8 dedicated sales agents to your website all working under a management layer providing daily optimisation and transcript reviews. Your agents are trained and monitored independently without any additional drain on your internal resources.

    Although able to integrate with a range of applications and services, your live chat software reports need to be relevant, full of information you can read and understand. We provide your business with real business insights taken from regular reporting on the performance of your live chat software strategy.