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    4 Misconceptions Your Boss Has About 24/7 Live Chat

    Business live chat services have long been a feature among various marketplaces and have gotten hard to ignore nowadays, given how convenient it is for both customers and companies as a customer service channel.

    A business live chat service like Greechat’s own integrated software helps solve problems in this channel faster than you can by talking to your clients on the phone or even through email. Despite the growing popularity of live chat, however, many company heads still don’t realise just how integral the feature can be to increase sales.

    A lot of people still don’t realise just how important it is to their company’s growth. There are even some folks who still buy into the various misconceptions regarding live chat.

    Here are just some common misconceptions and why you should skip them.

    1. Live chat is expensive to maintain

    When it comes to communication, live chat is a more effective alternative to telephone calls. Unlike phone calls, live chats are cost-effective and allow businesses to reduce their customer service load. Live chat can also be used internationally, which makes communicating with customers from other countries easier.

    The cost of customer support is always a big deal for any business. The traditional way of dealing with customer enquiries is through telephone calls. This has two significant drawbacks: Firstly, it generates a high phone bill for the company; secondly, it increases the cost of customer service, as every call has to be handled by specific staff.

    The alternative, Greechat’s live chat, is more affordable in both respects. Multi-customer inquiries can be handled simultaneously through live chat, reducing call centre staff load. This can save the company 

    money during peak periods (e.g. during sales periods) when it needs to hire more staff. Customers can also save money if they are being charged for calling the call centre or receiving additional charges from their phone provider. Moreover, live chat is available 24/7, so international customers can access it without extra charges.

    2. Live chat only works for big companies or target demographics

    Supporting your small business requires any advantage you can get. With business live chat, you can offer more interactive customer service. And it doesn’t just help you – it also helps your customers.

    Live chat is one thing that differentiates these businesses. It enables customers to communicate directly with your company and creates an interactive experience. Rather than waiting on hold or sending emails that might not be answered for days, they can get answers and resolve issues immediately.

    Greechat’s live chat service gives your business a fighting chance against big companies. It’s no longer just about price and service but also about providing small businesses with the benefits of a live chat tool. The biggest advantage live chat offers small businesses is accessibility to their customers no matter what time zone they might be in. If they have Internet access, they can use live chat to reach your business without disturbing others with phone calls and emails.

    3. Live chat is limited to texts or simple queries

    Even though business live chat is mostly used for CRM-client text communication, there’s more to it than meets the eye. With live chats, you can share relevant documents without taking screenshots and emailing them. You can even share files from your computer. If you need to show them something on your computer or give them access to it.

    In other words, you can see and hear the person you are chatting with while you are online. By using this feature, people can interact with you more easily and understand what you’re saying. In addition, complex queries are solved faster when customers understand your point of view and know that you care about them. When your website answers visitors’ most basic questions, you get more conversions from those who would otherwise leave your site without buying.

    Customer conversion rates are much higher when customers can contact you through Greechat’s business live chat. It will be easier for customers to use products or services if everything is out in the open.

    4. Live chat isn’t flexible enough for after-hours service

    It’s not always easy to make time to chat with customers when they’re available as business owners. Some days you can’t answer because you’re busy with other tasks or you’re out of the office. You don’t have to log in at your desk during business hours to use live chat.

    Live chat is an easy way for your customers to get assistance from your company if they use mobile devices to access your website. It’s a common misconception that live chat only works on desktop computers. Nowadays, more and more people access the Internet on their phones and tablets, making business live chat even more effective.

    Live chat tools or software are typically designed to work across all platforms. They can be accessed at any time, day or night, so visitors can reach out at any time. Business live chat widgets are popular because they allow customers to communicate with your company during the day and can be used for 

    after-hours customer service and to make things easier for customers. As a result, customers stay engaged with your agents until their concern is resolved.

    Gain more sales with Greechat Business Live Chat

    When you’re trying to make a sale, every second counts. The more time your potential client spends on your website, the more likely it is that they’ll find the information they were looking for and start planning their purchase. If your site doesn’t have a chat feature, you could be losing out on an opportunity to turn a casual visitor into a paying customer.

    Greechat’s 24/7 live chat solution for e-commerce websites is not just about customer support. It’s about improving the conversion rate, increasing average order value and creating a positive experience for your visitors. Online chat allows you to answer your customer’s questions even before they leave the website. On top of that, it reduces shopping cart abandonment, lowers the risk of fraud, and increases the conversion rate.

    Greechat helps you grow your business by keeping a check on the overall customer experience, getting rid of the bounce rate of your website, increasing the conversion rate and boosting online sales.

    Ask us about our business live chat services today.