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    10 Chat Canned Responses Your Customers Will Love

    Image by Michael Burrows from Pexels

    When it comes to customer service, your chat canned responses are a key component of your company’s branding. After all, they’re the words that will be used most often when customers interact with you and your team. 

    Suppose you have an active social media presence or online chat web site tool for your customers. In that case, this means that whenever someone asks about something as simple as how to return something to your store or what hours you’re open during the week after Christmas, they’ll see one of these specific messages. So what can you do to ensure these canned responses are good?

    Here are some of the most effective canned responses from which every business or chat company should take inspiration: 

    1. Hey there! How can I help you today?

    This is a great opening line because it shows that you’re listening to your customer and are ready to help them. It’s a simple question that can be answered with something like, ‘I’m looking for the best laptop for under $200’ or ‘I need help with my resume’.

    1. This is a tough one. I’m going to need to do some research. Can I follow up with you in a day or two?

    If you get a tough, open-ended question that requires more time to answer than you have at the moment, it’s best to be honest and say so. You can let them know that you will follow up with them in a day or two and ask if they have any other questions. If they do, make sure you answer those questions first before getting back to the original one.

    1. We aren’t seeing an issue with our service. Is everything working for you now?

    If a customer is complaining about the same problem you have already fixed, this canned response is a great way to end the conversation and let them know they don’t need to call again. You can also use it if they report a separate problem with your company or another service provider, but only if there is no overlap between the issues. 

    1. The issue should be resolved now. Let me know if there are any problems.

    This is a great canned response to use when your customer has reported an issue and you’re working on it. It lets them know you’re actively helping them out, which builds trust and goodwill. It’s also reassuring to customers who might otherwise be worried about whether the problem has been fixed or if they’ll have to wait forever before it’s resolved.

    1. We don’t have an ETA on a resolution yet, but we will let you know when we do.

    This is a more specific and personalised response that can be customised for each customer. It helps prevent customers from getting frustrated with the response time by making them feel you are being honest about the situation and giving them confidence in your company’s ability to resolve it quickly.

    1. Sorry about the wait. Thank you for your patience!

    If a customer has been waiting for your response, it’s time to apologise and thank them. Also, this is a great opportunity to ask if there is anything else you can do for them while they are here.

    1. I’ll pass this over to someone who can help take care of this for you. Just bear with me for another moment…

    The best way to ensure that your reps are able to answer questions is by giving them canned responses that allow them to switch into ‘customer service mode’. These canned responses also give your customers an opportunity to share their needs and desires without having a full conversation right away.

    1. I’ve sent along the details of your issue to a specialist in our department and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your patience!

    Customer service is a team effort. Even though one website chat agent may be the one who responds to live chats, there are other people involved in fulfilling your customer’s needs. Whether they are communicating with your company through social media or SMS, they will likely come across someone else beyond you before they reach resolution.

    1. It looks like we’re having some technical difficulties right now, but I’ll do my best to assist you!

    A good compromise between letting them know what’s happening and acting as if everything is fine is something along the lines of: ‘We’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now; please bear with us while we take care of this.’ 

    It lets your customer know that they aren’t alone in being inconvenienced by whatever problem has cropped up but avoids making them feel like you’re blowing off their concerns or brushing off their questions because you can’t be bothered answering them in real time.

    You can also offer help or suggest ways they can pass the time while waiting for resolution: ‘If there’s anything else I can do for you, just let me know!’

    1.  Thanks for letting us know! Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    This is a good canned response because it shows that the brand cares about the customers and that they are willing to do their best to solve the problem. It’s also polite, which makes customers feel like the company values them enough to not only listen to their concerns but also respond in a courteous manner.

    The customer is always right, and as a business, you want to make sure they feel heard. We know your time is precious, so we’ve put together these canned responses that are ready to go when you need them most. They show empathy, give customers the information they need without compromising the quality of your service, and provide you with an opportunity to improve.

    At Greechat, we help businesses drive more sales by proactively engaging your customers through our 24/7 live chat service.