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    Our live chat agents proactively engage your customers, providing 24/7 website coverage with a fully managed team of dedicated sales personnel.

    Customers like live chat agents because they like to know they are talking to a real human being. Proactively engaging your site visitors helps to drive this engagement rate and we have developed a fully managed solution which makes transacting easier for customers and requires very little effort on the part of your business.

    The solution to online sales resourcing

    In 70% of cases, customer queries fielded and answered by our sales specialists relate to information they can clearly be seen on your website. That means that roughly 5% industry expertise for your website is required to answer 80-90% of the sales queries made to our live chat agents.

    One of our fully managed teams of at least 8 agents operating 24/7 under a management layer monitoring for quality control and optimisation means that our program is the efficient alternative to your online sales resourcing.

    Increasing engagement rates to drive leads and customer conversions

    There are a range of reasons why site visitors do not convert but our program address three core factors:

    • Proactive customer engagement – greeting customers to show that a real human being is ready to help
    • Dedicated agents – monitored on a daily basis for quality assurance and optimisation and who are assigned to your business website to ensure maximum coverage even during traffic spikes
    • Expertise – having a sales agent who can instantly respond with the answer to your customer’s queries before they get bored and move on without filling out your static contact enquiry form
    Proven results

    Our experience with multiple brands and international businesses like Regus, Experian and Miele, has shown that over even just a month monitoring after-hours website traffic can make a significant difference to your conversion rates.

    Within the first month after implementation your business can expect an ROI for expending as little as an hour in setup time and 30 minutes on average per month in maintenance.