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    Your website coverage 24/7 with our live online chat program. We provide a fully managed sales team to maximise your online business for minimum effort.

    We provide a fully managed live online chat operation to proactively engage your website visitors. Powered by real human beings, your customers are greeted as they land on your webpage by one of 8 dedicated sales agents operating continuously, 24/7.

    Why you need live sales agents for your customers

    Our experience across multiple businesses and industries like Regus, Miele and Experian, has shown that on average 40% of online traffic occurs outside of normal business hours. That’s almost half of average online traffic numbers browsing your website when there is no one to help with sales queries, directing customers to your products or service.

    Our experience has shown that at least 70% of queries our live online chat team field are related to information already and very clearly available on a company’s website. This reveals a staggering customer blindspot and also how readily people accept sales help from a real person who engages them.

    More sales for less effort

    Our solution is a fully managed option. Our sales agents operate under two levels of management who monitor quality assurance and optimisation through daily analysis of chat transcripts.

    We provide everything you need. It takes just 2 minutes to implement the code.

    We offer your business a proactive vs. reactive solution which will maximise your engagement rates without extending your internal resourcing. Your business sees an ROI in the first month, committing about an hour of your time to setup and approximately 30 minutes on average per month to maintain.

    What you might not have thought you needed…

    More than just greeting and looking after your customers, our agents are also able to filter back unique customer experience data to your business. We can tell you not only what your customers are doing on your website, but why they might be doing it. This kind of information can offer key insights into online performance like web design, messaging and even the company’s position.